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[February 02 2007] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The SuperBowl - A Perfect Holiday For Americans... It Celebrates Nothing But Itself (but the 900 seriously disabled ex-players who receive no benefits aren't celebrating)

Published February 2, 2007

In The News:

Your Defense Dollars @ Work: THe National Intelligence Estmate (NIE) finally appears and it's conclusion is that things will deteriorate in Iraq if the violence is not controlled. Details.

The President fudges the figures about the 'surge': 21,500 troops is just the count of combat soldiers. It will require 38 - 48 thousand including support personnel.

2,500 scientist meet at a Paris convention on global warming and there's 90% assurance that mankind's activities in the industrial age and it's effects are the main cause of global climate change.

Groundhog day... The poor, half-asleep critter DID NOT see his shadow this morning. Spring is on the way

Brother bikers, which side are you on? Harley-Davidson shuts down it's largest assembly plant to lock out strikers, or perhaps they just can't operate without workers.

Federal Minimum Wage bill passes with 8.1 Billion in tax cuts attached.

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."
Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Services

Source KPIG Radio Freedom California
Run time 9:07 Minutes


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Source: KPIG Radio Freedom California
Source: Source: KVMR Radio Nevada City Nevada
Source: KPIG Radio Freedom California